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About the products


About the products

1. What is your specialty?

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

2. I have my daughter's Birthday coming up and I already have a theme in mind. Can you design some placemats to match?

Absolutely! I am often in the same boat! That is why when I am designing I love to receibe inspiration from a client who already has a concept in mind. In this case, The rainbow theme was alreadya given...We just needed to set Ellen's table :)

3. Why would I choose paper placemats? They don't seem like they would be elegant enough for my needs.

Oh Contraire ma chérie!  

Paper placemats are trendy and typically, not cheap! But we don't adhere. We create Personalized Paper Placemats for everyday and for weddings and conferences. They can be casual but can defenitely be dressed up for a formal occasion. They are trendy and beautiful!

4. How Long does it take to receive my personalized item?

    Often we can put them together and print overnight! A custom design can be a couple of days, depending what is required.


  1. Can you help us get cool clothing for our players and students?

Yes! Absolutely! We can design you a new logo or use an existing one and then find amazing gear for you. We will source it, price it, print it and deliver it!